The Japan Web Accessibility Consortium

About JWAC

Web technology has become an inevitable social infrastructure now that is utilized in a variety of economic activities. The technology is a critical tool for older persons and persons with disabilities to improve their daily living and increase their social participation and work opportunities. However, the number of websites that comply with the national web accessibility standard is small and we face serious issues when trying to disseminate the concept of web accessibility.

Web accessibility is accomplished by creating web content by web developers in accordance with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and the national web accessibility standard JIS X8341-3. In addition, maintenance and improvement of the web in the long run is also an important agenda item.

Organizations, corporations and persons, regardless of their position of web users, web developers or web content providers, everyone that supports the philosophy that the web must be utilized easily by everyone have come together and decided to organize the Japan Web Accessibility Consortium as a certified nonprofit organization.

This organization sets as its mission that it promotes, educates and disseminates web accessibility based on the national web accessibility standard (JIS X8341-3) so that the largest number of people including older persons and persons with disabilities can enjoy and use the web technology.

The Japan Web Accessibility Consortium (JWAC) performs the following activities:

  1. Activity that maintains and improves the quality of web accessibility in Japan;
  2. Activity that enlightens and disseminates web accessibility;
  3. Research activity that further improves web accessibility;
  4. Activity that strengthens cooperation among related institutes and organizations; and
  5. Other activity that is necessary to achieve JWAC’s mission.

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ICT Accessibility Trends in Japan

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